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has Sophonisba fecit
Old fandom 
4th-May-2011 03:16 am
Having dropped off the face of the Net for a while, I've been posting some of my older works to AO3 and revising a certain fusion-and-crossover that I've always been rather fond of.

(Those Obnoxious Pirots)

Then the (relatively) recent AU of a certain Canon got me writing in one of my oldest fandoms.

(Well, strictly technically, writing again, but the quality of the former... well, let us not speak of that, shall we?)

At any rate, I have already produced a list of twenty things about personal deuterocanon for said fandom, and am working (rather slowly; it's been stuck in a certain cave for the duration of my recent move) on a grandiose crossover THING that manages to incorporate even older "fandoms."
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