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has Sophonisba fecit
March 15th, 2014 
Catching up on some of my backlog, after one person posted a fic prompt about backstory for two brothers should they both have the diagnosis one claimed to in canon, a second weighed in by saying that she felt that the diagnosis in question was accurate for neither of them (and that it was her profession to ascertain as much), there was some back-and-forthing over whether the second person meant to highjack the prompt or merely to point out that to fulfill the prompt the characters in question would need to act subtly to notably unlike their canon-selves, and then someone decided to weigh in by saying that all diagnoses were equally accurate, as the characters were creations of the Powers that Be by way of Artistic License, and thus that there was no point in scholars or professionals bickering over it, as it would change nothing.

No point?!?

Has this person interacted at all, in any fandom, EVER?

This sort of nicpickety debating over matters that can never be settled short of demanding answers of the author(s) and often enough not even then has been what, historically, has driven the greater part of non-fic/art-producing fandom and still is a large part of it, even now that technology has made fans able to trade tapes/streaming video/active .gifs. This sort of interaction with the source material is what makes it a fandom, rather than a bunch of people who happen to like the one show/book/whatnot. Granted, a fic prompt meme may not be the best venue for such, but this is cause to say "Take it to an appropriate place for this discussion," not "What's the point?"

(And yes, I know I usually don't rant about this sort of thing on my fic journal, but I can't remember the password for the other one and I've got a good head of steam up at the moment.)
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