[meta] The point of "bickering on it"

Catching up on some of my backlog, after one person posted a fic prompt about backstory for two brothers should they both have the diagnosis one claimed to in canon, a second weighed in by saying that she felt that the diagnosis in question was accurate for neither of them (and that it was her profession to ascertain as much), there was some back-and-forthing over whether the second person meant to highjack the prompt or merely to point out that to fulfill the prompt the characters in question would need to act subtly to notably unlike their canon-selves, and then someone decided to weigh in by saying that all diagnoses were equally accurate, as the characters were creations of the Powers that Be by way of Artistic License, and thus that there was no point in scholars or professionals bickering over it, as it would change nothing.

No point?!?

Has this person interacted at all, in any fandom, EVER?

This sort of nicpickety debating over matters that can never be settled short of demanding answers of the author(s) and often enough not even then has been what, historically, has driven the greater part of non-fic/art-producing fandom and still is a large part of it, even now that technology has made fans able to trade tapes/streaming video/active .gifs. This sort of interaction with the source material is what makes it a fandom, rather than a bunch of people who happen to like the one show/book/whatnot. Granted, a fic prompt meme may not be the best venue for such, but this is cause to say "Take it to an appropriate place for this discussion," not "What's the point?"

(And yes, I know I usually don't rant about this sort of thing on my fic journal, but I can't remember the password for the other one and I've got a good head of steam up at the moment.)

Seeds of crossovers

The Sherlock prompt meme keeps giving me many too many ideas (and most of those long-winded ones; I get a bit done on Cinders and then get distracted by Aquiline Scenes, which gets postponed for "D. C. al Fine" and temporarily shelved for "The Enchanted Neighborhood," and that isn't even getting into the one where Soo Lin gets Chosen or the next part of Sherlock Ambroteros...), but every now and then I get the beginnings of something done enough to post it. A placeholder, if you will, for the expanded crossover I might write once I get my at least ten other things out of the way.

So I've cleaned a few of these up a bit, and here they are.

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With greatest admiration and respect for the relevant parties at Jim Henson Productions, Alexander McCall Smith, and particularly Dorothy L. Sayers, whose crack crossover I have borrowed.

[fanfic] [sh] [sherlock] Sherlock Ambroteros (15/x)

-title- Sherlock Ambroteros (15/x)
-fandoms- Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock (the modern Holmes AU); Highlander; the Matter of Britain
-other fandoms- Anything that will logically or less logically fill up the years. It's a surprise.
-genre- crossover, saga
-warnings- nonlinear; a Sherlockian take on potentially nauseous subjects; historical ethnocentrism; particularly long-lived characters often referred to by whatever name they happen to be using at the time; it's been so long since I've seen Highlander that I've entirely forgotten what was canon, what personal spackle, and what other fans' epiphany-inducing spackle; it would probably be an idea to read the previous parts here to have the faintest idea of what's going on.
-summary- Rather a long time ago, pennies_4_eyes prompted "Highlander crossover: Sherlock is an immortal. One of the few really, REALLY old ones. (Maybe even someone famous from long ago in history)" on the Sherlock promptmeme.
This kickstarted an idea I'd had floating around, and I started writing the epic saga of immortal!Sherlock, who isn't quite old enough to be the specific famous somebody Pennies' suggested but with luck makes up for it by the number of famed persons he's been.

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[fanfic] [Sherlock] All is safely gathered in, by Sophonisba

-title- All is safely gathered in
-fandom- Sherlock (the modern Holmes AU)
-genre- slice-of-life
-characters- John, Mrs Hudson, Sherlock
-summary- Someone prompted "I'd like a prompt about a character- doesn't matter which- being Christian"; I could see so very many ways for a response to be voyeuristic that I decided to try to write one that wasn't.

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[fanfic] Cinders (1/x) - Fit the First: Homecoming, by Sophonisba

-title- Cinders
-subtitle- Fit the First: Homecoming
-fandom- Sherlock (the modern Holmes AU)
-other fandoms- to be announced
-genre- fairy-tale
-warnings- addiction, disturbing themes (as one finds in fairy-tales), references to many, many other takes on the fairy-tale in question and any other ones that present themselves for inclusion, canonical infidelity, creative anachronism, appropriation of characters from Canon and other spinoff canons to fill additional roles
-summary- All fairy-tales have to start somewhere. This is one of them. (Written in response to this prompt on the Sherlock promptmeme.)

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Old fandom

Having dropped off the face of the Net for a while, I've been posting some of my older works to AO3 and revising a certain fusion-and-crossover that I've always been rather fond of.

(Those Obnoxious Pirots)

Then the (relatively) recent AU of a certain Canon got me writing in one of my oldest fandoms.

(Well, strictly technically, writing again, but the quality of the former... well, let us not speak of that, shall we?)

At any rate, I have already produced a list of twenty things about personal deuterocanon for said fandom, and am working (rather slowly; it's been stuck in a certain cave for the duration of my recent move) on a grandiose crossover THING that manages to incorporate even older "fandoms."

Three more stories up on the website!

After falling off the face of the earth and clawing my way back on, I have at long last added three more of my older stories to the website, cleaning up any typoes I may have noticed and tweaking them a little.

The Phoenix
"Once upon a lifetime, I died a pioneer; / now I sing within a spaceship's heart / Does anybody hear?"

Nine Springs
The crossover tapestry thingamajig.
"The peasants of Kui, the village of the nine springs, hidden in a fold of the mountains that shield the bay of Edo, have lived there for time immemorial; a standoffish lot, largely keeping to themselves, too far south of the Tama River and north of the Kai Province Highway to have risen to historical prominence. It remains true that the only three descendants of the Kui families to be identified as ATA-gene-bearers are the only three so far to be publicly exposed to ATA-based technology."

Days of the Dead
The first day is for letting go; the second for holding on; and the third for putting things in order, setting memories in their place and walking on with one's eyes forward.

So if anyone should happen to be looking for any of these, here they are.

[fanfic] [repost] Puruussashanji ~ The More Things Change ~

I've thought in gigantic multicrossovers for rather longer than I've been on livejournal, and somehow or another, they always wind up talking to one another (indeed, the Melioranda-verse has turned out four-petalled, and my own pet Zophonisbeion mostly an extended AU for the Melioranda in Oriente). Which tends to make some of the stories more than a little opaque; and I've never been entirely sure how to fix that.

I bring this up only to introduce one of my stories -- one that, somehow or another, inexplicably never made it onto my website -- which, while I hope and trust that it remains comprehensible without its context, is nevertheless rather firmly woven into the pattern of my larger story.

-title- Puruussashanji (plus ça change) ~ The More Things Change ~
-authorial credit- Sophonisba (saphanibaal)
-fandom- Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing; implied others
-category- Drama; background crossover
-timeline- During Episodes 31 and 32
-pairings- Nothing specific, although there are Implications implicating themselves all over the place
-notes- This story was previously posted to the Gundam Wing Addiction BBS, which at this time is currently down for maintenance. Contains numerous literary and popular allusions, the less obvious of which are noted at the end.
-summary- Vignettes from one of the more allegro movements of Relena (Darlian) Peacecraft's adolescent apocalypse; your youth is when you define these things for yourself.

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[update] Scorecard: Zophonisbeion et cetera

I'm working on five or six things for sga_flashfic's current challenge, so naturally this is exactly the time when I should finally get around to updating a) my website and b) my "scorecard" for keeping track of most of the fics in my pet asymptotic-to-canon Stargate-and-others AU.

Here it is, albeit still under ongoing construction.

I hope this is a little more intuitive than the old one. ^_^

[repost] Masquerade

-title- Masquerade
-author- Sophonisba (saphanibaal)
-warnings- None, really. Gen.
-characters- Ford, Sheppard, McKay, Teyla
-disclaimer- I own no part of Stargate: Atlantis. Nor of Star Wars or The Chronicles of Narnia or Back To The Future, for that matter. One of Teyla's lines was inspired by one of Delenn's in Eyrie Productions' Symphony of the Sword -- the second symphony, IIRC.
-notes- A slightly altered version of this story was earlier posted to sga_flashfic. It may be easier to follow if you have heard of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
-summary- The most important part of any masquerade: planning one's costume.

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